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Professional Plumbing

An oil boiler is an effective way to heat your home and your water. However, it’s also important to keep it well maintained and serviced in order for it to function. Generally speaking, you should have a boiler serviced every year by a licensed professional who can ensure the system is working efficiently and safely. We’ve gone into more detail about this subject below for your convenience.

Why Is It Important To Service A Boiler Regularly?

Oil boiler servicing is like any other household system. It needs to be maintained in order to run properly. However, it’s even more essential for a system that uses oil and heats your home, as there are many moving parts, and possibilities for components to break. We’ve broken down each key element to help highlight why it’s so important.

Oil Boiler Safety

First and foremost, safety is the biggest concern when it comes to heating systems. It’s not just about keeping your water hot, and house warm. You need to ensure the property is safe, especially if you’re a landlord with tenants. Regardless, even if it’s a family home, the well-being of those living in the house is of the highest importance.


A well-serviced oil boiler is an efficient boiler. By hiring a licensed and experienced engineer, you can ensure that your system costs as little as physically possible, and runs consistently at the right temperature. There’s nothing more frustrating than inconsistent heating, especially in winter.

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The same sentiment can be said for reliability. As the source of hot water and heat, your oil boiler is responsible for a large proportion of home comfort, and you’ll want to make sure it lasts a long time. Regular servicing can keep everything working smoothly for decades so you don’t have to pay for any costly and unexpected outages.

Warranty Requirements

Some manufacturers require annual servicing as part of their extensive warranty. If you’ve opted for a provider that offers comprehensive coverage for your oil boiler, then you’ll want to ensure it’s serviced every year in order to avoid nullifying the warranty.

Contact G4Gas For Oil Boiler Servicing

If you’re looking for professionals to carry out oil boiler servicing, then get in touch with G4Gas today. Our team is licensed, experienced and fully qualified to carry out any repair or installation work you may require. Give us a call today to find out more.

When it comes to the amenities in your home, it’s important to hire a plumber you can trust. Running water, a warm shower, and even your radiators all rely on a responsible professional to install and maintain them. As a result, it’s essential you know what to look for when comparing plumbing services.

To assist you with this matter, we’ve created a useful guide on the qualities to assess.

A Plumber’s Responsibility

It’s up to a plumber to take full responsibility for all water and heating-based systems within a home. Your shower, toilet, sinks and radiators all fall under the plumbing trade and it’s crucial that whomever you hire respects the trust instilled in them.

Whether it’s switching a tap, unblocking a toilet or repairing a burst pipe in an emergency, a professional service should always be on time to install or repair in an efficient manner, at a competitive price.

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Qualities Of A Trusted Plumber

With the plumber’s responsibility covered, it’s now time to look at the qualities you should assess before hiring a service. These four categories represent the values, ability and ethics of a tradesman, so it’s important you know what to look for.

Please see below for a more comprehensive insight:


Punctuality is not just about being on time. It’s about respecting the time of a client and being true to your word. If a contractor turns up at the time they book, it creates an impression of care and consideration. We recommend assessing this quality when booking a quote. If your plumber turns up on time, it can be a good indication that they’ll continue to do this throughout the job.


Communication represents trust, transparency and care. A plumber who communicates is someone who considers the customer’s well-being and has their best interest at heart. The great thing about this quality is that it can be assessed from the very beginning of the job. Before you’ve even met in person your tradesman should be communicating promptly and clearly to set a precedent for the rest of the work.

Reputation & Experience

One of the most important qualities that a plumber should possess is a good reputation. This is usually a result of many years of experience, too. To assess this particular aspect of your potential tradesman, take to the web and inspect their website and accreditations to ensure all feedback is positive.


This is often overlooked. However, the condition of a plumber’s tools, including their van, can have a direct correlation regarding their work. If a van is tidy, and well maintained along with all power tools and machinery, then you can assume they’ll take as much care when maintaining your home and plumbing.

Get In Touch With G4Gas For Expert Plumbers

If you’re looking for reliable plumbers that value high-quality service and competitive prices then look no further than G4 Gas. We’re Gas Safe registered and fully trained to ensure a high standard of plumbing installations within your home.

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